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Logo: A heraldic tigers head in reference to the Hamilton's Rugby team.

Title or Nickname: "Tiger"

Motto: Castigandos Castigamus: "We chastise those who deserve to be chastised."

Authority: King George VI, June 1945.

Adoption: The city of Hamilton Ontario.

Formed: Topcliff, Yorkshire, England on October 15, 1942 as the R.C.A.F. 23rd., 6th Bomber Squadron formed over seas.

Aircraft: The unit flew Wellingtons, Halifax and Lancaster on strategic and tactical bombing operations.

Disbanded: Skipton-on-Swale Yorkshire, England on October 15, 1945.


Rank          Name                 From                 To
W/C    H.M. Carscallen       October 20,1942      April 16,1943
W/C    G.A. Roy              April 17,1943        October 02,1943
W/C    J.P. McCarthy D.7.C.  October 03,1943      November 29,1943
W/C    A.N. Martin (K.I.A.)  December 18,1943     January 21,1944
W/C    J.D. Blanc            January 1944         July 1944
Information was given to me by Mrs. Alberta Campbell.

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