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Help raise Halifax LW170

(Image provided by Matt Lacroix)



Greetings to all the ALUMNI of 424 Squadron as we proceed on our historic quest to find QB-I and recover the only known survivor of the 1,230 Halifaxes the RCAF used in WW2, RCAF Halifax LW170 was used by the 424 Squadron. She lies in deep water northwest of Donegal, Ireland after a perfect ditching on Aug. 10, 1945.

 For those of your research group who wish to enquire or learn about this 424 Squadron Hallie please go to If you wish to support us just look at the last page of each "Progress Report" where all the contact information is listed.

Also, there is a special page on Facebook called "Help Save Halifax LW170" which is run by Matt Lacroix. Hope you can find it.

If not contact me via our website or through the Bomber Command Museum of Canada at

Regards, Karl Kjarsgaard Project Manager